West Texas Animal Removal and Wildlife Control Services

When you're thinking about hiring an animal trapping or wildlife removal company, remember to ask them if they are licensed and insured first. Then ask them if they are a Full-Service Wildlife Removal Company like Wildlife X Team.

If not, you may be stuck with a project once the animals have been removed from your home or commercial space, inluding removal of animal feces and nesting materials, and labor-intensive home repair and restoration. Even worse, they may simply remove the animals that are infesting your space and do nothing to prevent them from returning immediately.

Wildlife & Animal Control Inspections

Inspections are necessary for all wildlife and animal removal operators to do their jobs properly. Our team has years of experience navigating hard to reach places inside homes and buildings where nuisance creatures live. They know what to look for and easily find access points and travel paths of these pesky critters.

A throrough inspection tells our removal team how the animals are getting in, what their habits are, and will allow them to trap the animals more effectively. In addition to an interior inspection, we will also inspect the roof, outdoor buildings such as sheds and garages, fencing, crawlspaces, basements, and other parts of the structure to make sure the job is done right.

Trapping & Removal of Nuisance Wildlife Creatures

In the state of Texas, there are over 100 different species of nuisance wildlife creatures that can enter your home. Wildlife X Team can effectively trap or exterminate (depending upon the species) every single one of them. There are very few cases in which we kill animals to remove them, and we predominately use live traps that resemble cages to ensure the humane treatment of the animals.

After a successful trapping we will also remove the creatures from your property and relocate them according to the laws in your county or municipality. This means they will be many miles away from your home or building and will not be able to return.

Wildlife Exclusion Services

Excluding animals from the home or building is extremely important in order to protect your investment in your home or office space. Our technicians use a variety of strong, commercial-grade materials to exclude animals from entering a building. We also build and install exclusion devices, such as one-way doors, bat funnels, and bird netting to allow animals to leave the space, but not allow them to re-enter.

Exclusion services are included in our full-service treatment of your property, and will ensure that an animal infestation will not occur again. It's important to know that you and your family, company, belongings, and assets are not in danger of being damaged by wild animals.

Sanitation & Wildlife Waste Removal

The air inside an area affected by a wildlife infestation will likely contain bacteria from the animal species that inhabited it. The major cause of this bacteria is the waste (feces and urine) left behind by the creatures that formerly lived there. It is not enough to simply trap and exclude animals when you have had an infestation.

Using hi-tech sanitation equipment and antimicrobial compounds, our team can restore the quality of air and remove all of the bacteria from non-porous surfaces. If a surface or component of your building or home cannot be sterilized using our equipment, we will recommend that it be replaced.

Repair & Restoration For Wildlife Damage

Having your property infested with a wild animal, or several wild animals, can mean serious damage and devaluing of your home or commercial space. Your home is not just a place to lay your head at night, but it is a point of pride for your, and we understand that completely. We make sure that all necessary repairs are completed to restore the look and functionality of your home.

During attic restorations, it is not uncommon for the insulation to need replacing. It is a good idea to have your insulation replaced every so often, but it becomes a necesssity once it has been soiled with animal feces and urine. The insulation that is soiled will trap and release bacteria indefinitely if it is not replaced.

Other Services